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- Our Story -


As the Owner and Head Chef, it is my honor to introduce Bete Ethiopian Cuisine & Café.


Bete Ethiopian Cuisine & Café is one of Silver Spring’s hidden secrets. We pride ourselves in being able to successfully bring the old world exotic flavors and aroma of Ethiopia to the main streets of American daily life.


Opened in July 2009, we chose our name to represent out corporate culture and embodied our concept of authentic Ethiopian cuisine. In Amharic, the native language of Ethiopia, “Bete” translates into English to mean “home”.


The location of Ethiopia was ideal for an ancient trade route. Traders brought spices such as cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, fenugreek and turmeric to the country. Ethiopian home style cooking utilizes the natural spices to create their native dishes along with generous uses of ginger, garlic, and a host of less familiar spices such as bishop’s weed and enset.


Ethiopian dining is characterized by the ritual braking of “Injera”. It is the traditional bread and it is part of every meal. Injera is pancake- like and the various dishes are served on it. Our Injera is made from self-rising wheat flour and teff flour. Teff is a grain native to Ethiopia. The old tradition does not utilize processed yeast, baking soda or powder. We pride ourselves in keeping the ancient traditions alive!


We provide select fresh, organic grown vegetable dishes to support the quest for today’s healthy life style. At Bete, we promote quality and flavor without compromising healthy eating! We offer a wide variety of colorful, healthy, savory menu choices:


  1. Low fat, Low sugar
  2. Non-fat, Non-diary
  3. Vegetarian, Vegan



Our menu offers meat and vegetable dishes, hot and cold. We also provide one of the tastiest vegan pastry lines in the area. The experience brings what is possible in health eating without compromising flavor and taste.


After providing a unique dining experience at our Silver Spring location, we committed to bringing our food to your establishment. If you are corporate executive or meeting coordinator to your company Bete will provide you with an unforgettable, unique experience!


Our hearty vegetarian and vegan combinations have attracted organic food stores to serve buffets of Bete’s entrees on a regular basis.


We also provide catering for a wide variety of events such as weddings, corporate and social events.









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